Javanese Muslim Wedding Dress

For Muslim women from Java province, if they are married, they will be told to wear their local clothes when they are married. Javanese traditional clothes for women are quite open on the sleeves, but for Muslim women now do not need to worry because now there are many Javanese traditional wedding dresses specifically for Muslim women.

If you are from Java and want to marry the provincial customs, here are 5 traditional Javanese Muslim wedding dresses:

1. Javanese Muslim Muslim Bride Wedding Dress

Javanese traditional Muslim wedding dresses can be created from kebaya or batik which are synonymous with Javanese culture. Javanese traditional wedding dresses are usually synonymous with kebaya, but what is feared is that kebaya is usually thin and transparent and this is very incompatible with Islam. For that you need to get around this in various ways, for example using a plain cuff with long sleeves that have the same color as kebaya. While batik cloth is usually quite safe, meaning it is not transparent. It depends on you creating the batik cloth so that it becomes a dress that adds to your charm on your wedding day.

Hijab or veil will be one of the concerns in the Javanese Muslim wedding dresses that you wear. Because you need your own beauty or your creativity to display an attractive veil. You can add some accessories or ornaments to your veil to make them more beautiful and not seem empty. Javanese traditional wedding dress will look more elegant by adding sequins of various shapes. You can add sequins at several focus points, such as the waist, and neck. Also use subordinate kebaya with beautiful motifs to add to the beauty of your dress.

2. Customary Muslim Wedding Dress for Central Java

Many complained that Javanese custom requires a Muslim woman to release her hijab so that argument disputes often occur in the family. Now this can be dealt with with a black ninja hijab which later can be curved to resemble a bun. Moreover, the addition of accessories in the form of jasmine flowers and additional makeup on the forehead which makes the hijab increasingly invisible. To add to the impression of a dress, the traditional Javanese Muslim wedding dress model uses fabric patterns native to the area with variations in shapes that resemble a dress. This can be modified by making a stack model or a fold model that is quite wide.

How To Approach The Society?

Getting to know new people is easy, but not easy for some people. You have to make a good impression with the new person you meet so that the relationship can be established well in the future. When you become acquainted with society, you must think “is this person happy to meet me?” or “will he give a good response?” Fear when getting acquainted can affect you in doing and saying something when you meet. Read this article to get rid of your fears when approaching and getting to know anyone.

Be friendly

When you first meet and meet a new society, you have to give a friendly face and attitude so that other people can feel comfortable with you so they want to open a conversation. Give the sweetest smile without exaggeration so that the person you’re talking to isn’t scared. hehe. When speaking, you can give praise sincerely to your interlocutor, everyone likes to praise. Surely give the compliment with a smile and not excessive. If you receive a compliment, then say thank you and give a smile.

Be a good listener

You must often hear this advice, right? Yes, but there are still many people who don’t implement this. Being a good listener seems trivial, but very difficult to do. Humans are too selfish to always be heard without listening. In fact, one way to respect others is by listening. When you meet new people, you must be a good listener, especially when the person you’re talking to is telling a lot of things and wants your response. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t listen to the story then give an inappropriate response or too far from the discussion?

Don’t cut the conversation

It’s not fun when talking but suddenly interrupted, right? Therefore, never interrupt if it is not so important. Unless you want to go to the bathroom between conversations, you have to interrupt it then. You can respond later after the person you’re talking to has finished speaking. This is one way to respect society.

Pay attention to your body language